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UMass Boston
Fall 2017 (Sep 5 - Dec 13)
MATH 140 - Calculus I -- Section 009
Course Description: The first in the sequence of calculus courses for science and math majors. Starts with the basic concepts of functions and limits. Topics covered include: derivatives and their applications, definite and indefinite integrals with applications to geometric and physical problems, and discussion of algebraic and transcendental functions.
Syllabus: Syllabus (PDF file)
Schedule: Tu 10:25am - 12:15pm
Th 10:25am - 12:15pm
in M-01-428
Text(s): Single Variable Calculus. 7th edition. By James Stewart. Cengage 2012. ISBN: 978-0-538-49783-1.
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TuTh 9:50am - 10:20am and 4:00pm - 4:30pm
in S-03-091.
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Assignments: Exams: in class, October 10 and November 14
Final Exam: TBA
Quizzes: in class, almost every Thursday
Homework: online, using WeBWorK
Important dates: Tue, Sep 12 - Add/drop period ends
Tue, Oct 10 - Exam #1
Tue, Nov 14 - Exam #2
Wed, Nov 22 - Pass/Fail Withdrawal deadline
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Tue, Sep 5   Introduction. . Functions.
Thu, Sep 7   Catalog of functions. Operations with functions.
Tue, Sep 12   Tangents and velocity.
Thu, Sep 14   Limit of a function. Limit laws. Quiz #1.
Tue, Sep 19   Continuity.
Thu, Sep 21   Derivatives and rates of change. The derivative as a function. Quiz #2.
Tue, Sep 26   Differentiation formulas.
Thu, Sep 28   Derivatives of trig functions. Chain rule. Quiz #3.
Tue, Oct 3   Derivatives of exponentials.
Thu, Oct 5   Derivatives of inverse functions. Derivatives of logarithmic functions . Quiz #4.
Tue, Oct 10   Review.. Exam #1.
Thu, Oct 12   Implicit differentiation.
Tue, Oct 17   Rates of change in physical and social sciences.
Thu, Oct 19   Related rates. Linear approximation and differentials. Quiz #5.
Tue, Oct 24   Newton's method.
Thu, Oct 26   Maximum and minimum values. The Mean Value Theorem. Quiz #6.
Tue, Oct 31   How derivatives affect the shape of a graph.
Thu, Nov 2   Limits at infinity and horizontal asymptotes. Summary of curve sketching. Quiz #7.
Tue, Nov 7   Optimization problems.
Thu, Nov 9   Antiderivatives. Areas and distance. Quiz #8.
Tue, Nov 14   Review. Exam #2.
Thu, Nov 16   Definite integrals.
Tue, Nov 21   .
Tue, Nov 28   The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Indefinite integrals and the net change theorem.
Thu, Nov 30   The substitution rule . Quiz #9.
Tue, Dec 5   Area between curves.
Thu, Dec 7   Volume of solids of revolution. Quiz #10.
Tue, Dec 12   Review.